Architect/designer Craig Bassam and brand strategist/creative director Scott Fellows joined forces in 2003 to form BassamFellows. On the heels of successful solo ventures and with a single, shared vision in mind—to return true craftsmanship and beauty to contemporary living—the duo quickly garnered attention.

As Bassam explains, “We wanted to mix the timelessness and attention to detail of the modern classics with contemporary design and blend it with honest materials, solid construction, beauty, and utility.” Fellows adds, “It’s all about merging the rationality and clarity of modernism with the warmth and texture of nature.”

Perhaps it’s what they each brought to the table that makes their output so unique. Both had lived and worked in Europe, where they were influenced by the use of fine leather and wood.

Raised in New York and armed with a Harvard MBA, Fellows honed his branding skills working with international powerhouses such as Corning Housewares, Bally, and Ferragamo luxury goods.

Bassam, who grew up in Sydney, was such a devotee of modernism that he eventually moved to New Canaan, Connecticut, where many of its architects lived and practiced. He began his own design studio there in 1997.

Over the years, the well-balanced design aesthetic of Bassam and Fellows has resulted in such iconic pieces as the Tractor Stool, which The New York Times said, “Couldn’t be more comfortable if it were custom-made.”

When designing the Tuxedo Component Lounge Group, Bassam says, “We pared back all the unnecessary bulk and expressed the structure in an elegant way. We wanted it to ‘float’ off the floor creating visual lightness and air.” Their Tuxedo group is part of the Herman Miller Collection and is a perfect fit with the Collection’s “modernism with soul” philosophy.

Since 2010, BassamFellows has acted as creative directors for the Specialty and Consumer Businesses of Herman Miller. They and their work have been featured in everything from Architectural Digest to GQ.

New York, New York